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Created on 2009-04-12 08:24:32 (#43446), last updated 2009-05-05 (437 weeks ago)

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Name:Breastfeeding UK
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"Women should not feel guilty if they are unable to breastfeed, but they should feel guilty if they are unwilling to do so, and they should be intellectually honest enough to know the difference." - Elizabeth Gene

This community is for parents who breastfeed, wish to breastfeed, or wish they had. If you are offended by the above statement, then this community is not for you. (And if you are offended by the above statement, go back, read it again and really think about what Elizabeth Gene is saying. Be honest.)

It is primarily for UK based parents, but parents from elsewhere are more than welcome to join too.

A few rules -

1. This is a community for support, please make sure you behave appropriately.

2. Venting is fine, but personal attacks against an identifiable person, (whether on Livejournal or not) are not.

3. Posting pictures is fine, just put them behind a cut-tag - the same with super-long posts
. (You can learn how to cut-tag here)

4. Flaming will not be tolerated. Any posts I feel to be flames will be deleted and the member put on moderated status.

In the interest of maintaining this community as a safe space for breastfeeding mothers, it is currently on moderated membership. Join as normal, and you will be approved as soon as the mod is able to check your journal. (If your journal is friends only, or has no mention of your pregnancy or breastfeeding, please contact the mod)

Some useful links and contact numbers

The National Childbirth Trust - Breastfeeding Line: 0870 444 8708

La Leche League (Great Britain) - 0845 120 2918 gives you a local number for breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding Network - 0870 900 8787 will put you in touch with a supporter between 9.30 am and 9.30pm.

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers - 020 7813 1481 to find a local group or breastfeeding support.

The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative

Baby Milk Action

Maternity Alliance

Contact the Mod Here
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